Andrea Cummins

While attending college at USF, I spent some time trying to figure out which career path I should take. I’ve always believed that to do something well, you have to really like it. Working in hospitality for years to help pay my way through college made me realize how much I enjoyed interacting with people. But what else was I passionate about? It seemed as if work and fun were opposites by definition.

Over the years, I’ve hosted some incredible parties paying close attention to every décor element and all the other details to ensure my guests had an amazing time. A pivotal moment came after I assisted my first wedding at the request of a friend… She looked at me & asked if I had ever considered becoming a wedding planner. I hadn’t, but was starting to realize that I had a strong natural aptitude for detail & design. You live the life you create for yourself, and I was ready to start living my life as a professional planner.

I’ve been with Event Lab now for over three years and have truly enjoyed every second of it. I love learning about all the different components that planning an event entails. I have an amazing mentor in Rena, who has taken me under her wing, believes in me and pushes me to grow and excel in all I do. Event Lab has executed some incredible events that I am honored to be a part of and I am thrilled to be part of a team who can push boundaries and soar to new heights.

I’m a contemporary-mixed-with-modern kind of gal! Contemporary styling gives a casual look; with a few modern elements elicit that cozy, natural feel. I’m all about neutrals (whites, blacks and grays) accented with a splash of color to create a dramatic, yet welcoming atmosphere. I can’t get enough of yellow! This color beams with energy, enhances optimism and carries the promise of a brighter future. I’m passionate about nature’s beauty and applying the feng-shui philosophy of harmonizing everyone with their surrounding environment in my work.

 “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?! ”
– Erin Hanson